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  1. “Editor’s Note” by Lewis Sibila
  2. “untitled” by Valerie Niemeyer
  3. “Avoiding Surveillance: Some Possibilities” by Joshua Pollock
  4. “Salty” by Libby James
  5. “untitled” by Peasantandrew
  6. “Don’t Be a Dick: a Field Guide” by Lewis Sibila
  7. “The Numbness Buffer” by Dan Louis Lane
  8. “Notes from a Road Trip” by Kareem Tayyar
  9. “Language Barriers” by W. Hong
  10. “untitled” by Quyen Tang
  11. “Anniversary Dinner” by Crystaline Brown
  12. “Champagne Saber” by Skylar Alexander
  13. “untitled” by Valerie Niemeyer
  14. “Central Standard Time” by Sarah Elgatian
  15. “How to Convince Kids in Punk Houses You're Cool” by Vinnie Sarrocco
  16. “untitled” by Elaine Lin
  17. “Running Stoners” by Gregory R.-Gassler
  18. “Black Magic” by Molly Brady
  19. “Death Rattles” by Chan Plett
  20. “untitled” by Peasantandrew
  21. “Movie Night” by Sanika Phawde
  22. “Dedication” by Lewis Sibila

by Peasantandrew