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Champagne Saber

I got nothing when the music is easy  
& slow / I’m all about the rough patches  
& the weep / never the easy sweep of   
feel good / I’m so roughrustic / so dropkick   
& shudder /  
                          I’ll try / but I’m a mess / without   
my champagne saber / but there’s still time  
tonight / so belt out a song exploding   
you underwhelming miracle / tonight  
our veins laced / with champagne /  
                                                                I have never   
danced with a city / I did not love / but  
tonight I am not me / I am a body lost  
in the fog of bass & treble / & I tremble  
before you / my beautiful  
Creeping Charlies / at last /  
                                                   at last / I am  
a faceless ghost / funeral shrouded  
in sorority black / my eyes half smoke  
half glass / I’m a chameleon thrashing  
dropping low / leaping high / I am so high  
my heart beats at its cage / & I seize  
so hard to keep / my brooding a-brooding when  
I’m a body in motion /  
                                          so let’s keep time  
tonight / with citrus rinds / put matches  
to our tongues / strike oil / strike gold  
we’re Georgia hot / iron & periodic   
mess on the table / I’m all revolution   
& quarry when I see you on the edge  
of a heartbeat / I’m all skin & earthquake  
when you leap