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  1. “Editor’s note” by Lewis Sibila
  2. “Routine” by Handa
  3. “April Clark On Plane Crashes” by April Clark
  4. “Pain of Life” by Cora Lee
  5. “Cup” by Crystaline Brown
  6. “untitled” by Josh Helzerman
  7. “Fragments: 6 Things I Learned from Your Death, For Lecole Monet” by Sarah Elgatian
  8. “Prince Tea House” by Sanika Phawde
  9. “Poem in the Form of Folding Contour Sheets” by Sari Krosinsky
  10. “AI Rules & Street 1” by Lurn Maxwell
  11. “Password” by Jan Tabaczynski
  12. “My Dinner with the Law Offices of Andre, Finkelstein & Farrin” by Vinnie Sarrocco
  13. “Time Trumped” by Elk Paauw
  14. “Wobbly Pink Dino Stack &  Alien Playing Guitar” by Teddy Kohlmann
  15. “Basilisk Conspiracy” by Joseph Pierangeli
  16. “Ghost Ships: Belonging, Identity, and Escape” by Lad Decker
  17. “Fuckable, Not Dateable” by Kyra Janelle Gilchrist
  18. “untitled” by Valerie Niemeyer
  19. “Don’t Be a Dick: Ableism” by Connor Folse
  20. “untitled” by Esteban Tijerino
  21. “Mick Foley Death Wish” by Skylar Alexander
  22. “Meshuggeneh” by Dan Louis Lane
  23. “A Kingdom Less a Crown” by Mandy Canales
  24. “Discipline” by Ben Horak
  25. “Creamer” by Edmund Barker
  26. “Dedication” by Lewis Sibila

by Teddy Kohlmann