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Editor’s Note

The world can be an incredibly cruel place. It’s easy to become cynical, jaded, and apathetic. Often it happens against our will. We can only care so much for so long before our mind numbs itself to protect us. 

At times we marry ourselves to these dark mindsets. We laud cynicism as realism, using it as a substitute for critical thought. We take pride in trashing other artists, too jaded to enjoy art. But it is only by making ourselves vulnerable that doing anything of merit becomes possible.

We often believe that we must change the world in big ways. We take for granted how much impact we have in others’ lives through small things. But those small things are what make the trials and tribulations worthwhile. Buying dinner for a friend who’s just lost a loved one. Lending your couch to someone who needs to get away from an abusive partner. Saying the right thing when no one else will. Inspiring someone to create again for the first time in years by making a magazine.

So I implore you. Though cynicism, jadedness, and apathy may come to you unbidden, resist the pull to rely upon them as your only recourse. Take the time to seek wonder and beauty in hidden places around you. Let yourself dream of things you may never reach but inspire you to travel the road all the same.

You may be surprised at your own resilience.